Happy Holidays with Sony/ATV!

Development, design and production of an animated Christmas Card to be sent to employees and clients of Sony/ATV. The idea behind our approach was „stencil cut animation“ in which each and every frame of a well developed storyboard is a paper cut-out. These cut-outs are linearly arranged. We managed to built a special hanging system to arrange 15 different frames one after another for every picture and transposing it for every photography by one position. Thereby we evolved an illusion of a film proceeding into the depth consisting of hundreds of analog single images.



Concerning the content the film shows several details with regard to the main topic of Sony/ATV, namely music. Concert audiences, guitar players or a flight of microphones were combined with typical Christmas elements and ornaments.

YEAR: 2012
CLIENT: Sony/ATV & EMI Musik Publishing Germany
PARTICIPANTS: Alexandra Fragstein, Florian Stumpe